Changzhou Jiaxun Logistics Co., Ltd. locates at Industry Planning Area in Changzhou New District(NO 188, ChuangXin Road),under the jurisdiction of Changzhou New District Developing (GROUP)General Company. The company is planning to use a land with an area of 151 mou. Being some 3 km apart from Changzhou Entrance and Exit of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, 6 km from Changzhou Port.

    With a total investment of RMB 70 million yuan ,the company has built up standard warehouse properties of 11500 square meters, outdoor container yard of 10000 square meters and complex office building of 5000 square meters. Equipped with Linda load machinery, Mettler-Toledo 60 T Truck Balance and container lifting platform, as well as advanced computer network system, supervision and control alarm system, firing fighting and spraying system etc. And approved by the the Customs General Administration of the P.R.C. the company has set up Sraightforward supervision and administration spot of the customs ” (SSASC), “ Public Style Bonded Warehouse ” (PSBW), “ Supervision and Administration Warehouse ” (SAW),which serve the functions as customs declaration, clearance and three-inspection, as well as handing-over goods etc. The company carries 24-hour appointment service system and has been honoured with ISO 9001 Quality Control Authentication.Our company gain the outstangding enterprise in year 2003 -2004 in National Foreign Economic and Trade Warehouseing and Transport Industry.In 2007,the company pass the authentification of AA Logistics company from China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing.

    Equipped with first-rate softwares and hardwares of logistics management, and with the two holding companies of Changzhou Jiaxun Ever-ok International Forwarding co.,ltd. And Changzhou Jiaxun-Haihang Customs Clearance co.,ltd. Changzhou Jiaxun Logistics Co., Ltd. has been handling the business of the storage and transfer of goods , operation of container, insurance, customs declaration, clearance and agent of international freight and consultation business to meet with the requirement of the client in modern logistics.

    By taking the logistics industry as the base and the clients as the center ,the company aims to pronide the most efficient ,safe and on-time service in an all-round way.


----By taking the logistecs industry as the base and the clients as the centre the company aims to provide the most efficient safe and on-time service in an all-round way.


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